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Why Men Not Love Sex With Condom

There are many reasons why men do not enjoy having sex with condoms. One of the major reasons is that men do not have any idea on how to use them and therefore using them can be quite a task for them. The other reason why men do not like condoms for sex is because it makes sex much painful and also causes some urinary problems. All the above mentioned reasons make men not want to have sex with them. Though sex is beneficial for both male and female, it will be better if one uses the condom.

If you are in a relationship then there is no harm in using a condom for sex. Men should use these products and maintain perfect health with every sexual activity. The younger generation is highly interested in sex and they know how to use it but it is still the old generation that does not prefer to use it. One of the main reasons why men do not have sex if they feel that the women of their age will get sick or catch any STD. These people should try to use these products and enjoy a healthy sex life. Many diseases can be avoided by using these products.

Some of the diseases that are caught sexually include HIV, genital warts, gonorrhea and herpes. There are various tests that can tell about the status of the person’s health. A condom is an important factor when it comes to preventing these diseases as it helps the couples not to pass the disease to each other. Condom can also reduce the pain that one feels during penetration. If a man still does not have any concern for using a condom during sexual intercourse then there are chances that he might suffer from STD or he may become infertile.

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